The BRAC-CDM SAVAR is located at Khagan, Savar, a complex township integrating with tourism and residence. The appropriate development of tourism and profound cultural connotation make the township a rural community bearing distinct environment and Culture. People learn about the township's spatial scale and lifestyle, as well as appreciate the Bangladeshi culture's inherent charm through the BRAC-CDM SAVAR depositing the luxury amid the lake, which is confirmed by each guest in heart. The BRAC-CDM SAVAR is surrounded by green land, lake and wetland. The courtyard-style architecture constructed near the lake is mainly divided into two adjacent buildings, which are A-frame top buildings with six floors.

  • More than 6 acres of land
  • 73,000 square meters of floor area
  • 174 guest rooms
  • 15 meeting/conference rooms
  • A banquet hall of 2600 square meters
  • Playground with gallery
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