There are fitness club, table tennis room, fishing area, barbecue area, football field, outdoor training center, etc, in the recreation center. With the scenery of the lake and the buildings and facilities being in harmony, this center does not only has the advanced fitness and resting function, but also the natural elements, which can not be enjoyed in the downtown areas, thus attracting more people adoring fitness and advocating health. The expanding base relies on nature, including football field, volleyball court and the expanding project facilities such as “hand-in-hand advance”, “braving the wind and waves”, “courtesy passage”, etc, which is suitable for guests of all ages and team leisure training. The activities can help people recognize their potential, reinforce confidence, improve self-image, conquer psychological laziness, train the perseverance of conquering hardship, inspire imagination and creativity, enhance the problem solving capability, realize the group function, enhance the group participation awareness and sense of responsibility, improve interpersonal relation, learn to care others so as to achieve a more harmonious collaboration, and learn to appreciate, concern and protect nature.

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